What do we do at getyourbabysat?

Casual Care - Getyourbabysat can care for kids irregularly, monthly, yearly, or even just once.  There is no long term agreements just basic childcare by a police checked child carer.

Before and After School Care - Getyourbabysat can care for kids before and after school.  Contact your nearest child carer to discuss your childcare needs and check their availability. 

Emergency care - You can try to book care on the day you need for unplanned things or emergencies but this is always subject to availability.  For the quickest response always send emergency bookings by text.

Regular care - Limited spaces are available for regular weekly childcare upon request.  To see if you are entitled to any help with fees go to

Fees - All in-home child carers charge $40 per day or night 24/7.  If you want a child carer to come to your place or another location of your choice then the child carer will charge an hourly rate at their own discretion that will be disclosed to parents when the booking is made.

Payment - Ask your child carer if you can pay at drop off or online (proof of payment at drop off is required if parents paid before turning up).  

Multiple kids? - Ask your carer if they provide a family discount.

WiFi - Ask your child carer if there site has free WiFi access.  Children can bring their own digital devices and parents can pay online.