Getyourbabysat is a childcare service provider supporting families with children from age 0 to 14.  It is 100% KIWI owned and designed to create jobs and affordable childcare.  So childcare bookings can be made within any 24/7 period depending on the child carers availability. This means that parents can book night care, day care, weekend care and so on.  We have a mailing list that parents can sign up to and find out who is available to care for kids near them.  Or child carers can join to stay in touch with families who need childcare in their area.

The best thing about Getyourbabysat is that parents gain more flexibility by having childcare choices to suit their budget or childcare hours needed.  So some child carers work from their own house and some child carers work from the childs house.  Or maybe a child carer can work from any place the family and child carer agree to.  Parents can even get their kids picked up and/or dropped off at the child carers discretion.  But most importantly, all of the child carers will be checked by police and follow basic childcare guidelines for health and safety regulations.  

What do families say about us?

  • "We cant praise you enough".
  • "Thank you for sharing your toys with me and being my friend".
  • "Thank you for helping us out".
  • “Its pretty cool”!